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Hiring a ‘Good’ Builder

When you make the decision to become a property investor and build a property portfolio one of the hardest elements is to find a reliable builder you can build a trusting relationship with.

Many consider doing the refurbishment work themselves, as the saving in costs is very tempting. However as far as housing is concerned, you really don’t want to find yourself in the position of having to give up your time, it will probably take you three times as long as a builder to get an unprofessional result. In addition is your building regulations knowledge current?

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Armchair property investors

An important factor to consider is that if you want to purchase the right investment property, which on paper seems like common sense and relatively easy to do. If it was that easy we would all be property investors. This property needs to be right regardless of its location in relation to where you are based, as an arm chair investor this increases your geographical options. You can take advantage of some of the best yields across the UK, for example Nottingham, with the help of the right property investment company.

It seems like common sense again but the secret to a successful armchair investment is to work with the right partners, researching all potential property investment companies. It should go without saying however we are going to say it no the less, it is important to buy from a company with a proven track record; use a letting agent that specialises in the rental sector you are looking to be in eg student, residential, DSS, commercial or retail. Each of these is a specialist field and if not undertaken by an experienced agent, can lead to the failure of a potentially good investment.

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How is your Pension shaping up?

I would like to share with you an meeting with a gentleman who I met recently who ‘liberates’ pensions for disillusioned clients who want to access their pension early, as it’s now their right, and re-invest it in something more profitable. He told me his sales pitch and I found it very interesting so I thought I would share it with you here.

First he asks a potential client questions about key things in their life that have some kind of financial measurement. So for example, how much do you earn? How much tax do you pay? How much is your house worth? How much was your last holiday? And so on. He then he asks a few more random questions like, how much is your Gym membership? What does the dog cost to insure? Have you worked out the overall running cost per mile of that lease car you have sat on the drive? Most people know most of the answers, sometimes even the minutia in quite a lot of detail.

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